Why Spanish - Discover why Spanish is Easy to Learn

 3 Tips That Can Keep You Motivated in Learning Spanish Fast

Let me tell you the most important 3 reasons that make Spanish easy to learn.

Spanish has never been a problem to learn fast and easy for any English language speaker because:

1. It is widely spoken

This means once you’ve got the proper motivation to learn it, you’ve got a plenty of opportunities for practicing it – especially of you live in the US.

It’s always easy to find lots of resources that could help you not only to maintain your level but also to learn more and get more confident in your skills.

Just imagine, for example, that you had to learn Yoruba instead of Spanish. Yoruba is only spoken in some countries in Central Africa (Nigeria, Benin and Togo) and is unpopular in the rest parts of the world.

You would have too scarce resources available to learn it on your own.

So, the only way to learn it well would be to go to one of these countries, which is actually not as easy as making a trip to a Spanish speaking country, isn’t it?

2. Words are written almost the same way they are spoken

This is very important when choosing a language to study on your own.

This was one of the main reasons for me to start studying Spanish at the age of 15.

Things are always more complicated when you take up a language with some sophisticated pronunciation and differences between written and spoken words (like French, for example).

3. Words are easy to memorize

Lots of Spanish words resemble their English equivalents since they have common Latin origin; those ones who do not, are actually so commonly used and so well-sounding that you learn them in no time.

The above were the issues that played really a great role for me to decide to take up Spanish many years ago.

Let me just remind you that there were many Spanish learning programs available on the market at that time, let alone good ones.

Now things are different.

There are excellent Spanish courses that offer you numerous reasons why Spanish is easy to learn if you are in clear what you need it for.

Click on the link below to see how Spanish can be made some easier and faster to learn:




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