3 Important Tips On How To Make Fast Yet Steady Progress In Spanish

Here we discuss some important issues that would guarantee you fast and easy progress in conversational Spanish.

As you remember, the good news is that all this features can be developed with time, they are not innate and are not related to any special talents, as you might think.

- You’ve got to be quite in clear what you need Spanish language for,

- You should be proactive and search every opportunity to learn new phrases and practise them,

- You are expected to be patient and tolerant – to just accept the differences between English and Spanish, and not to ask questions or reasoning about them,

- You have to know that successfully learning any language is based on imitation – every single phrase or grammatical rule applied, you are expected to have heard or seen already used before,

- You should try to memorize phrases in context, rather than by lists of isolated words,

- You’ve got to maintain and practise what you’ve learnt so far.

Let’s go some deeper into the specifics.
To make both fast and steady progress, you are supposed to:

• Tinker with Spanish every day

Every day means really EVERY DAY. Not once in two days.

Not in the weekend, trying to compensate for the last 5 days.

Remember the old proverb that everything can be made going as long as you tinker enough time with it.

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 Don’t miss a day. You should fiddle every day with Spanish.

Even if you don’t have half an hour, try to find 15 or at least 10 minutes a day.

• Use a variety of alternate sources for learning

I’m talking for the time out of your regular study session.

These sources might include radio, TV, internet, books, newspapers, magazines, slogans, billboards, labels, posters and whatever you could think of which is written or spoken in Spanish.

Spanish is fun when you alternate various activities (after your learning session is over) – listening, reading, speaking, writing.

You don’t feel getting tired and bored. On the contrary – you get more and more interested!

• Try to put in your memory as many whole phrases and sentences as possible

The longer phrases you learn, the less problems you’ll have in a conversation.
Why? Because this would save your time and efforts.

Imagine that you have a huge pile of sand. What is more practical if you want to move the pile to somewhere else – to use a small bucket or a truck?

Memorizing as many long phrases as possible, prevents you from thinking in English while talking in Spanish.

That is to think in Spanish like all the Spanish natives – the ultimate goal for every Spanish learner, who wants to get fluent in Spanish.



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