Learning Spanish FAQ

  Frequently Asked Questions about our site and mission
+ What is this site about?
+ What is your mission?
+ Who are you to give advices about language learning?
+ How do you think you can help all of us who want to learn to talk in Spanish?
+ How can we take advantage of your willingness to help us?
+ Are you a native Spanish speaker?
Frequently Asked Questions about learning Spanish language and keeping your motivation
+ Is it possible to learn Spanish by myself?
+ Do I need to have any special talents or inherent abilities to learn Spanish by myself?
+ Is it possible to learn Spanish without leaving home?
+ What features do I need to be a successful Spanish language learner?
+ To learn Spanish well shall my job or education be related to linguistics and/or literature?
+ Is learning Spanish on my own is cheaper or more expensive than attending a Spanish learning class?
+ If I’ve studied any other foreign language before, will this help me?
+ Shall I study Spanish and another language simultaneously?
  Frequently Asked Questions about most effective methods for learning Spanish
+ Should I take up Spanish provided that I was bad in languages at school?
+ What do you think about traditional language learning methods at school?
+ What’s wrong with these traditional learning methods?
 Frequently Asked Questions about most effective Spanish learning programs
+ Is it important to choose the right program for learning Spanish?
+ What does 'the right program" actually mean?
+ What is the most important when choosing the right program for learning Spanish?
+ Are there any differences between various kinds of Spanish learning program?
+ What should I do next after I’m through with my beginners’ Spanish learning program?
+ Do you advice me to switch to another learning program after I’m through with my first one?
Frequently Asked Questions about how to gett better and better in Spanish
+ What is to be able to think in Spanish?
+ What does it mean to be “fluent” in Spanish?
+ How many Spanish words do I need to have in my vocabulary to be able to communicate fluently?
+ How long will it take to get fluent in Spanish?
+ Shall I study every day?
+ How long time a day should I study?
+ Do I need any Spanish language consultant?
+ Where should I put the stress during my Spanish studies?
Frequently Asked Questions about coping with problems
+ What if I cannot understand what I hear on the radio or on TV?
+ What to do if I see I make no progress in Spanish?
+ How to understand people who are speaking in Spanish too fast?
+ I studied Spanish years ago. Now I feel I have forgotten most of what I had learnt. How long time will I need to refresh my memory?